Jason St Duplex

Each unit of the Jason St Duplex is designed and built utilizing cutting edge building technology standards to achieve high levels of building performance in energy consumption, conservation, and efficiency.

Basement walls are formed with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), which provide insulation on both sides of the wall. The concrete floor is insulated with mineralwool drainboard, which retains its R value when wet and doesn't mold, creating a much more comfortable basement vs. a 'code-built' basement.

The walls and roofs are insulated with mineralwool batts in the cavity, and a continuous layer of mineralwool drain board on the exterior to give the entire structure a continuous layer of insulation. This mitigates the energy loss via thermal bridging typical in stick frame construction. These layers combined give the home more stable and higher R values than required by code.

The entire structure is wrapped in SIGA wrap which is meticulously taped and air sealed to the entire building. This not only reduces the risk of moisture penetration, but significantly reduces air leakage, which is the largest contributing factor to energy loss and high bills in a typical code-built home.

The well-insulated building envelope with minimal leaks drastically reduces the cooling and heating loads on the home's HVAC system, which translates to low energy bills! Because these homes are 100% electric, and are designed to be fitted with a simple solar system, net-zero is easily attainable.

The quality building materials and practices integrated with thoughtful design create truly unique and sustainable homes. The building is clad with cementitious stucco, locally reclaimed beetle kill pine treated in a shou-sugi-ban style, and eco-clad panels made from a blend of post-consumer recycled paper and bamboo fiber.

Even through these homes are built to the highest standards, surpassing code and conventional building standards, the homes are targeted to receive Energy Star Certification as an added stamp of assurance and are backed up by an industry leading 2-10 home buyers warranty.