Sunnyside Addition

This 1936 Traditional Tudor home located in the highlands was in need for some additional space. With the original floor plan not allowing for a master suite, one was on the owner’s wish list. To recreate a Tudor style addition, this unique project was both fun and challenging. The existing home consisted of bricks, it was missing the wattle and daub accents to pull the house together. Having the addition added to the house, it allowed the master bedroom to have an exposed brick feature wall.

With the extra space through the addition, a new master bath complete with a large shower, walk in closet, and new French doors that opens up to the backyard were added. The owners had a love for the outdoors so access to the backyard was a must for the owners. A spot to do yoga in the mornings and have fires in the evening. This was accomplished by creating a void in the addition covering the French doors allowing them to open up to the outdoors even when it was raining.