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Josue Oqueli

Owner + Architect

A California native, brought to Colorado for high school, Josh decided that one of the best ways to attain his long-term goals while getting to see the world was to serve his country, thus, Josh committed to a four-year contract with the United States Marine Corps., and during his tour of duty was deployed to Zaragoza, Spain. There, while traveling on a weekend trip to Barcelona, he discovered his love and passion for architecture while visiting the work of master builder Antonio Gaudi and his Sagrada Familia church. Since then, Josh knew that, in order, to create great architecture, like Gaudi, he had to dedicate himself to not only designing his architecture, but also building it. Josh holds a Bachelor of Environmental Design and a Masters in Architecture. He is a licensed Architect in Colorado, and hold a Class-C Residential Construction license in the City and County of Denver. After a few stints with different architecture firms in Colorado, he decided to start Bonsai Design + Build to combine the practices of architecture and construction to explore the concept of high performance + sustainable architecture.


Jesse Brown

Project Manager

Hailing from South Dakota, Jesse grew up around the construction industry with his father who gave him his first job as a jobsite helper. Attended South Dakota School for Mines of Technology until his junior year where he turned his summer internship into a full-time job. Before coming to Bonsai Design + Build, Jesse has three years of Project Management experience under his wings managing Residential, Commercial, and Civil Construction Projects. Jesse wants to bring Bonsai Design + Build to new heights showing everybody Bonsai Design + Build can manage builds from scratch to completion. Bringing our clients’ visions to fruition.

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Brandon Sweeney

Architectural Designer

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Brandon was constantly exposed to the music, art, and culture that makes the area unique. Beginning when he was young he learned the benefits of exploration in the natural world. This exposure often took him to the American Southwest, and eventually on to Europe and Africa. Brandon looks at architecture as a balance between practicality and poetics, and pulls influences ranging from Peter Zumthor to Samuel Mockbee, and Aldo Leopold. He sees a fundamental need in architecture for a hands-on approach to building, where the greatest leaps in learning happen from bridging the gap between design and construction. 


Justin DiBiase

Accountant + Controller

A fresh transplant to Colorado, originally from Rochester, NY. Justin stumbled into the accounting world by working his way into the accounting side of a small mom-and-pop business. Received his Bachelors in Business Administration from Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. Justin brings to Bonsai Design + Build his entrepreneurial spirit and small business management experience. Justin would like to build Bonsai Design + Build as a brand. Help propel Bonsai Design + Build to the next level in the architecture world to leave an impact on the industry and the work we design and build.