Built in 1896, this project was brought to us by an investor looking to breathe new life into the original brick bungalow. A design + build, turnkey approach is being applied, beginning with verifying what is there. Working within the confines of the original structure, everything is being gutted but the 4 original brick walls and roof structure. 

The original footprint is 856 square feet, and the existing ceilings are being vaulted, to capatilze on tall ceilings and an additional 425 square feet of mezzanine/loft space. Exterior brick walls will be furred in with 2X, and filled with foam insulation and a vapor retarder will be taped and sealed to prevent moisture migration through the brick "rain-screen." 

This compact little bungalow, will just be a hop, skip and a step away from being Net-Zero once complete!