Mid Mod Pop Top

Built in 1961, this charming ranch style home is quintessential mid-century modern in both style and layout. Situated in Lakewood's Applewood neighborhood, the owners, a young and growing family, exploring their options, came to us looking to add space and bring the home into the 21st century with a modern remodel. With such unique existing architecture, the addition demanded it respect the mid-century character.

Thus, a simple addition and pop-top over its eastern wing was chosen. The addition proposes to move the front loaded garage closer to the front, creating space in the main floor for a kitchen relocation and expansion. Over the area of the addition and garage, a pop-top was proposed giving the resident adults a dedicated, exclusive and private 2nd floor master suite.

The addition incorporated various key period appropriate architectural features; such as low profiled roofs an matching eave details, clear story windows and floor to ceiling glass grand entrance! The main floor plan was opened up in a nod to mid-modernism and a typical Bonsai feature of an indoor, built in planter bed was added to the kitchen area adjacent the southern wall.

Currently, the family is exploring their options, and we hope to continue working on this fun addition, in the near future!